Solar Products

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Energy Storage solutions for all applications ranging from lead acid to AGM to Lithium Ion we sell the latest and best technology available.

Solar Panels

Our Solar Panels are all from 1st Tier Manufacturers around the world known for industry leading efficiency and reliability, enabling us to give you peace of mind with unrivalled performance and guarantees.

Solar Inverters

Whether it is for an Off Grid / Grid Tie or Hybrid solution we have got the Inverter solution for you. All inverters are made by well-known manufacturers with comprehensive product warrantees ensuring that you have the reliable power supply you require whatever the solution is you need.

Lighting and Boreholes

We also have an extensive range of solutions for lighting requirements for various applications ranging from streetlights to security lights to simple illumination of indoor areas. Our design consultants are also vastly experienced in any pumping requirements for boreholes should you need it.